Far-Infrared Sauna

Far-infrared heat provides the health benefits of natural sunlight without the hazardous effects of solar radiation by providing deep heat that raises your core body temperature and activates your sweat glands. It is believed that far-infrared saunas may help improve blood circulation, assist in recovery from fatigue, energize and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Red Clay Sauna

Used for centuries around the world for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, red clay is a silicon mineral affected by solar energy which produces massive amounts of negative ions through far-infrared radiation, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation as well as releasing internal toxins from the pores and muscles. The sauna at SoJo Spa Club features 99% pure red clay imported directly from Korea.

White Clay Sauna

White clay is a natural mud that stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in the detoxification process of heavy metal poisoning, various everyday radiation and chemical exposure. White clay interacts directly with the body's immune system and helps to remove the post-digestive burden placed on major organs, and is also helpful for treating fatigue and achy muscles.

Himalayan Salt Sauna

With walls constructed with salt bricks from the pristine mountains of the Himalayas, the salt rocks were formed free of toxins and pollutants giving them their unique pink coloring. Unlike traditional hot saunas, the salt sauna helps users perspire from deep within the body at a relatively lower temperature - detoxifying the body by discharging waste found in the capillary vessels. The salt also purifies the air and refreshes the body’s energetic biorhythms while naturally grounding the mind, body and soul.

Charcoal Sauna

The lump wood charcoal is made of Korean oak with all traces of water and vaporous elements removed through heat, so it burns purely with no emissions. Charcoal can absorb and help eliminate heavy metals and other chemical toxicity from our bodies, and the heat energy generated will relax stiffness and tension, including relief from headache, backache, and arthritis, while increasing metabolism and energy.

therapy rooms

ice room

The ice-cold breeze felt from the entrance exudes clean oxygen, and the room’s cool temperature contracts the body’s stretched pores and blood vessels, stimulating and revitalizing skin cells while activating the body’s immune system. The icy exposure also helps to soften fine wrinkles on the face and slow down the aging process by improving skin elasticity. (Massaging your whole body by hand or with towel will enhance the experience.)

ganbanyoku room

“Ganbanyoku,” or bedrock bathing, is a unique Japanese hot stone therapy experienced by lying down on a heated black mineral slab which emits far-infrared rays and negative ions to speed up the release of toxins from the body through perspiration. Pressure points around the body that are in contact with the stones are stimulated to alleviate joint, muscular and nerve pain. Other benefits include healthier skin tone, blood circulation and improved immune system.

halotherapy room

Halotherapy comes from “halo,” the Greek word for salt. The popular European spa treatment mimics the environment and climate of natural salt caverns. The halo-generator grinds the salt into an ultra-fine powder which is dispersed into the air as dry salt aerosol. The aerosolized salt has natural decongestive and cleansing properties that assist with respiratory ailments and boost the bloodstream’s ability to circulate in the tiny vesicles near the surface of the skin.