liya method yoga

SoJo Spa Club is proud to offer LiYa Method Yoga classes to our guests and members

how to sign up

Sign up for a class at the 4th Floor Information/Checkout Desk or arrive before the class start time at the 7th floor Penthouse Lounge.

class location

Classes will be held in the 7th floor Penthouse Lounge or on the 8th floor Rooftop, weather permitting. You may wear yoga clothes to class. We will provide mats, straps, and blocks.


Every Saturday
All Level Yoga Flow
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Maritza Dearing

Maritza Dearing discovered her love for yoga in early 2000 and it has since been her passion and way of life.  She is the founder of LiYa Life co. and LiYa Method Yoga.  A veteran group fitness instructor, personal trainer, healthy lifestyle coach, and luxury residential health club manager, Maritza has nearly 30 years of experience in various aspects of the fitness and wellness industry.  Her passion for helping others is apparent in her ability to inspire and motivate individuals, whether it is through weight loss or through life experiences by taking a simple, effective and fun approach.  LiYa Method Yoga, a fitness infused yoga method, was created to attract high-performance lovers (like herself) to learn the benefits of balancing body, mind and spirit.

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