individual plan

for individual

  • - 3-month membership
  • - Quoted price is for all 3 months
  • - Must start within 1 week of sign up
  • - Must be 18 or older to sign up

family plan

for couple

  • - 3-month membership
  • - Quoted price is for all 3 months
  • - Must start within 1 week of sign up
  • - $1,200 for additional family member
  • - Maximum of 4 additional family members

Family plans available only for family members living in the same residence. SoJo Spa Club reserves the right to ask for proof of residence and/or dependent status.


- Complimentary robe per visit.

- 2 Complimentary guest passes per member ages 13+

- 10% off all ESPA treatments and products

- 10% off body scrubs

- 10% off all private event packages

- 10% off hotel reservations

- 10% off all food and beverage


- Must be paid in full at sign up.


- Discounts & benefits are for members only & do not apply to their guests

Cancellation Policy

Can be cancelled for a full refund of membership costs within 3 days of membership start date. Otherwise, at least 30 days notice either written or e-mail is required for cancellation. The refund of your dues will be pro-rated through the end of the membership period and a cancellation fee of $300 will be charged unless:

- You relocate to a location that is 25 miles away from SoJo Spa Club*

- You have a medical condition in which a doctor will not allow you to use our amenities (doctor's note is required)

*Cannot be the same address you signed up with.

In order to maintain the safety and comfort of all members and their guests, we reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone who has acted inappropriately, has not complied with the rules and regulations or has ignored the requests or directions of the management. Carrying weapons, alcohol, or drugs is prohibited and may result in immediate cancellation of membership.

We are here to help

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns