frequently asked questions

Do you have any promotions or discounts?

What is the price of admission?

The price of general admission (for ages 13+ to adults) is $65 per person on the weekdays and $75 on the weekends and major holidays. Children under 13 are not permitted. Please be advised there is no reservation system for general admission. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a single general admission pass and all minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We take reservations only for SPA service bookings

What are your hours?

We are open from 9 AM to Midnight, daily, including all holidays. However, certain areas of our spa have varying hours. In addition, we kindly ask that you give yourself enough time to use the locker rooms and complete checkout by midnight. Thank you in advance. For a more detailed schedule of hours of operations, please click here.


For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, all minors of any age must be with at least one adult at all times with 1 adult required for every 4 minors. Teens (ages 13-17) are allowed access to every floor with adult supervision.


We do not provide tours to the public to maintain the privacy, comfort, and safety of our guests. We ask you to explore our website for more information or give us a call or e-mail. We thank you for your understanding.


We currently do not offer discounted rates for groups.

We have no time limit for our guests who pay for admission. You will be able to stay for as long as you like during our open business hours. Please note, there is no reentry. Once you check out, you will not be able to reenter unless you pay the admission fee again.

No reservations are required if you would like to come and experience SoJo Spa Club. We do not have a reservation system for admission and you will be able to purchase your admission pass with our front desk attendants and or at one of our kiosks in the lobby. We do however, suggest reservations for SPA services. You can do so by clicking on any of our SPA pages on our website or through our Facebook.

We do not offer babysitting services.

Korean body scrubs are sign up only upon arrival. The hours you can get a Korean body scrub are generally from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM for women and 9:30 AM to 8 PM for men. It may vary from day to day so please check with the locker room attendant for availability upon your arrival.

Your admission pass entitles you access to all of our open amenities which include our bathhouse, pools, saunas, lounges, and therapy rooms. Some amenities, such as the 7th floor Infinity Pool, 6th floor Children’s Spray Zone and the 6th floor Water Slide are seasonal and are only open during warmer weather – typically late Spring to early Fall.

Our locker room attendants on the 4th floor will also provide complimentary robes or spa loungewear (cotton shirt and shorts) for you to wear during your stay and a towel. Any products, services, or food and beverage can be purchased at additional cost.

SoJo Spa Club is a barefoot facility. After you check in, you first stop will be to our shoe lockers on the 1st floor where you will leave your shoes for the remainder of your stay. Our floors are meticulously cleaned around the clock and heated for your comfort. If you do not want to be barefoot, you may wear clean socks for the indoor areas. For the outdoor areas, you are allowed to wear sandals or flip flops.

SoJo Spa Club provides complimentary robes or loungewear for our guests to wear included in the admission. The loungewear is a simple cotton shirt and shorts. Sizes range from S to XXXL for adults. The purpose of the loungewear is to absorb sweat while you are in the saunas or any water from your bathing suit if you are coming out of one of our pools. This helps maintain a fresh and clean environment for your fellow patrons. Robes come in sizes of XS to XXL.

We ask that you wear your loungewear or your robe over your bathing suit or underwear at all times when you are inside our facilities.

You are required to be in appropriate swimsuit attire to enter our pools and baths. The only exception is within the bathhouse portions of the locker rooms – clothing and swimwear is optional for the indoor amenities of the gender-separated bathhouses.

We recommend that you do not wear any jewelry. Please use your discretion as the wearing of jewelry while using our spa amenities may lead to incidental damage, injury, or loss.

We are a smoke-free, alcohol-free facility. Smoking or drinking anywhere on our premises will result in immediate ejection from our facilities without refund. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in maintaining a safe and wellness-focused environment at SoJo Spa Club.

We have small towels in our bathhouse and at towel stations in various locations near our spa amenities. You may use as many as you need and place them after you’re done in any of the hampers near the small towel stations. We also have unlimited standard size towels in our locker rooms. Beach towels may also be rented for $5 each.

We recommend that you bring your own swimsuit for the soaking baths and pools. If you do not want to be barefoot, we advised you bring clean socks for the indoor areas and flip flops for the outdoor areas.

We also sell swimsuits, non-skid socks, sandals, and a small selection of beauty items in our locker rooms in case you forget anything.

Please note: prolonged exposure to chlorinated water has the risk of fading the color from some bathing suits. We recommend showering with your bathing suit on before you head into our pools. This will ensure that the fabric absorbs fresh water and prevents it from soaking up too much chlorine. Rinse your bathing suit thoroughly in fresh water and then dry it as well as you can before taking it home.

Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms have complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair gel, hair dryers, and small towels for you to use freely. Please ask our locker room attendants for toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, razors, hair ties, and other common toiletries.

We also have items to purchase in our locker rooms such as beauty masks, eye gel packs, hair brush, swim suits, hairbrush, etc.

There is a water cooler within each locker room on the 4th floor. There are also water fountains on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floor. The Dining Area on the 6th floor is also happy to give you complimentary cups of water as well.

Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms have a bathing suit shaking machine to help remove the water out of your bathing suit without using damaging heat. The machine can be found within the bathhouse portion of the locker rooms. There will be plastic bags next to the machine for you to store your bathing suit.

We currently have a variety of American and Korean cuisine. You can expect gourmet sandwiches, salads, and brick oven pizzas. You can also expect delicious Korean staples such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, and other Asian favorites such as Chicken Teriyaki.

No outside food or beverage is allowed. However, you may bring a sports bottle, thermos, or refillable water bottle as long as it is empty prior to entering SoJo Spa Club.

Yes, you may bring your own cake or cupcakes. Please be advised we do not have birthday candles on our premises and recommend that you bring your own. Any cakes or cupcakes must be given to our front desk staff that will bring it to the 6th floor kitchen for safekeeping. Please note, there is a $2 per person fee, maxing at $25 total for the accomodation.

While we have floor managers and security to help maintain a respectful and relaxing environment at SoJo Spa Club, there are some areas such as inside the sauna rooms that we cannot regularly check. If there is such a situation, we urge you to immediately report it to any of our staff members who will alert the proper people in security.

Disruptive guests will be given one warning. After the warning, any additional continuation of the disruptive behavior will result in immediate ejection without refund.

We are proud to support nonprofit organizations in our local community and the surrounding area with complimentary admissions passes to auction or giveaway for fundraising purposes. We ask that you e-mail us information regarding the fundraising event and the tax ID of the nonprofit organization so that we may process your request. Please allow us at least 2 weeks from the event date to process and mail the passes to the organization.

We thank you for your cooperation

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns