Cobblestone path with ankle deep water. Wooden benches along the side for seating.



  • What is the price of admission?

    See our current admission prices.  Please note, there are certain weekdays (holiday and peak days) throughout the year that will be considered under the prevailing Weekend/Holiday rate. For a list of holiday and peak days, view our Holiday Schedule. Our daily admission rates are seasonal and subject to change without advance notice.

    You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a single general admission pass and all minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times at a 4:1 ratio. Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted under any circumstances.

  • Which weekday days are considered peak/holiday?

    Weekend/Holiday rate applies for the following peak weekdays in 2021

    • Friday, January 1 – New Year’s Day
    • Monday, January 18 – MLK Jr. Day
    • Monday, February 15 – Presidents Day
    • Friday, May 28 – Memorial Day Weekend
    • Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day Weekend
    • Friday, July 2 – Independence Day Weekend
    • Monday, July 5 – Independence Day Weekend
    • Friday, September 3 – Labor Day Weekend
    • Monday, September 6 – Labor Day Weekend
    • Monday, October 11 – Columbus Day
    • Thursday, November 11 – Veterans Day
    • Thursday, November 25 – Thanksgiving Weekend
    • Friday, November 26 – Thanksgiving Weekend
    • Monday, December 20 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Tuesday, December 21 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Wednesday, December 22 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Thursday, December 23 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Friday, December 24 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Monday, December 27 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Tuesday, December 28 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Wednesday, December 29 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Thursday, December 30 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    • Friday, December 31 – Christmas-New Year’s Day
    Holiday/peak days subject to change.
  • What are your hours?

    We are open from 9 AM to 9:30 PM (temporary hours due to COVID-19), daily, including all holidays. See our detailed hours of operations.

  • Are there limitations for minors?

    For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, minors (ages 16 and 17) must be with at least one adult at all times with 1 adult required for every 4 minors. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed under any circumstances. All guests, including minors, must have a form of valid photo ID. In the absence of a photo ID for minors, a photo ID from a school along with a copy of a birth certificate or school document that mentions their name and graduating year or current grade can be used as an alternative.

  • Can I get a tour of your facility?

    We do not provide tours to the public to maintain the privacy, comfort, and safety of our guests. We ask you to explore our website for more information or give us a call or e-mail. We thank you for your understanding.

  • Do you offer group rates or party packages?

    We currently do not have any group discounts or specific packages for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or other social events.

  • Is there a limit to how long I can stay at SoJo Spa Club?

    Guests are welcome to stay for as long as they would like during open business hours once they check in. Please note, there is no reentry. Once you check out, you will not be able to reenter unless you pay the admission fee again.

  • What is your gender identity policy?

    Lockers are assigned according to your gender identity – if you identify with a gender other than the one on your valid ID, please let us know at check-in so that we may assign you the appropriate locker.

  • Can I visit SoJo while I'm pregnant?

    Due to the nature of our amenities, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare professional regarding the use of our facility. Our pools and baths vary between 96-105 degrees, with the exception of our cold plunge pool and cold soaking bath, which are 55-63 degrees. We currently are unable to provide any spa treatments for anyone that is expecting.

  • What do I do when I see someone being disruptive?

    While we have floor managers and a dedicated team to help maintain a respectful, safe, and relaxing environment at SoJo Spa Club, it is possible that we are not able to always address situations that are happening in the moment. If there is such a situation, we urge you to immediately report it to any of our staff members who will alert the proper team members.

    Disruptive guests will be given one warning. After the warning, any additional continuation of the disruptive behavior will result in immediate ejection without refund.

  • Does SoJo Spa Club do charitable donations?

    We love supporting our local and surrounding community! If your organization is within 60 miles of SoJo Spa Club, you can start the donation request process by filling out the following form:

    Donation Request Form

    You will receive an email response from us once your request has been reviewed and, if approved, processed. Due to the volume of requests we receive daily, we may not be able to respond individually. Please refrain from following up on your request until we have reached out to you. Thank you for your understanding.


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