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9:00 am – 10:30 pm
Monday - Sunday


Just beyond the locker area you’ll find a full array of refreshing and soothing bath house amenities.
For those who prefer showers, you’ll find both standing and seated showers as well as large vanity areas for dressing.

Korean Body Scrubs

Exfoliate like you've never exfoliated before. Indulge yourself in one of our Korean Body Scrubs, as featured in NY Magazine and Allure .

Sign up at the 4th floor locker room front desk

Body Scrub

30 min – $70

Basic Korean Body Scrub with Soap & Body Wash

Body Scrub Plus

60 min – $115

Korean Body Scrub + Massage with Lavender Oil + Milk Rinse + Shampoo

Body Scrub Premium

90 min – $135

Korean Body Scrub + Massage with Lavender Oil + Milk Rinse + Shampoo + Mask

Gratuity of 18% will be added to your total.
The gratuity is adjustable upon request.

Cold, Warm, Hot Baths, and Cold Plunge Pool

Take a dip in our cold, warm, and hot baths that help improve circulation. Immerse yourself in our cold plunge pool and resurface feeling revitalized. Our pools enhance blood circulation while stimulating skin sensors. Also works to help reduce pain and muscle inflammation. Our plunge pools are especially refreshing after spending time in our saunas.

Dry & Wet Saunas

Our Dry & Wet saunas can help reduce toxins, lower blood pressure, and ease tired muscles

Vanity Area & Locker Rooms