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Contrast Therapy


Get the most out of your SoJo Spa Day by taking advantage of the many benefits of  alternating hot and cold therapies.

Contrast Therapy

Contrast therapy is a type of therapy that involves alternating between hot and cold experiences.  When the body is exposed to heat, a process called vasodilation occurs in which your blood vessels expand and your heart starts increases blood flow to your extremities.  When the body is exposed to cold, the opposite phenomenon occurs – vasoconstriction. Blood flow to the extremities slow down and blood flow in the core of the body increases.

Alternating between hot and cold therapies encourages a “pumping” action in which your body is relaxing and contracting your blood vessels. A similar process also occurs in your lymph system, which normally does not get circulated the way our heart circulates our blood, resulting in an immune system boost. This reinvigorating therapy offers numerous wellness benefits, not just for the body but for the mind as well.

Alternate between our hot and cold amenities to get the full benefits of contrast therapy. We recommend spending 10-15 minutes in each amenity but never stay past the point of your personal comfort. Take your time, rest when needed, and hydrate well for the best experience.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

  • Increased circulation in the entire body
  • Pain reduction
  • Relief from cramping, aching muscles
  • Increased nutrients to inflamed or injured areas, aiding in the healing process
  • Detoxification by helping the body’s cells get rid of waste products

Benefits of Cold Therapy

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased metabolism to aid in weight loss
  • Reduction in muscle spasms and pain signals in the body
  • Reduction of levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone”
  • Increased collagen production to give skin a more youthful look

Explore Our Hot Amenities

  • Volcanic Sand Bath
  • Specialty Sauna Rooms
  • Bath House Hot Baths
  • Bath House Saunas

Explore Our Cold Amenities

  • Outdoor Waterfall
  • Ice Room
  • Bath House Cold Plunge Pool
  • Bath House Cold Bath